Mexico’s Lost Generation Of Young Girls Robbed Of Innocence And Education

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Mexico’s Lost Generation Of Young Girls Robbed Of Innocence And Education

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Add it to most names for a sweet twist like Amelia, Adalia, Natalia, Rosalia and extra. Twist it to Leah, Lya, Lea or Leia.LindaLinda means ‘pretty’ one.

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The name means ‘pious’ or ‘righteous’ and ‘reverent’.QueridaQuerida means ‘beloved’. It is a name that’s unique and uncommon.RamonaRamona is a reputation with Spanish and historic Greek origins. It means ‘sensible one’ or the ‘protector’.

The sweet and straightforward name has many variations. Call her Lindi, Linden, Lindy or solely Lin.LisaLisa is a well-liked name and means ‘dedicated to God’. Lisie is a cute nickname for your love.Maite / MaiteaMaite of Maitea is a singular name and means ‘, love’. A beautiful name on your cute child girl.MariaMaria is a extremely popular name.

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It means the ‘protector’.OliviaOlivia is derived from ‘olive’. The tree of olive is an indication of prosperity and peace.

The blessing in your life.MiraMira is short for Mirabelle or Miranda. The name means ‘extraordinary’, the one who has ‘to be admired’ for every thing she is and no matter she does.MireyaDo you believe in ‘miracles’? Name your ‘miraculous’ baby Mireya or Mireille.MoraMora is a cute little name for your ‘little blueberry’. If you find Mora too brief, call her Morina or Morella.MyraMyra is the ‘extraordinary’ one; she is the one who has ‘to be admired’. Myrilla is a variation that sounds poetic as nicely.NanaNana is a cute and sweet name on your child.

A unbelievable name for your little sunshine.ShoshanaShoshana is a reputation with Hebrew origins. Shorten it to Tia as a nickname.TierraTierra is a name with Spanish origin and means ‘Earth’. Spell it as Tiara and the that means changed to ‘jewelled crown’. Either method, it’s a reasonably name.TrellaTrella is a ‘star ‘or ‘constellation’. Perfect name on your shining one.UlaUla is a sweet and brief name; it means ‘properly-spoken’.UrsulinaUrsulina is a singular spin from traditional Ursula. The name Ursulina means ‘little bear’.

Spin it to Sancia for a poetic twist.SaraSara means ‘princess’. An apt name on your innocent little angel.SeirraSeirra is a name of the mountain vary of Aitana and means ‘sturdy’. It additionally means ‘honest’, ‘white’, ‘counsellor’ or ‘adviser’, every trait you want in your little girl.SereneSerene means ‘peaceable’. A charming name on your angel.SofiaSofia means ‘sensible’ or ‘knowledge’, a conventional selection on your chiqa. Sophia or Sophie are a number of the variations you’ll be able to check out.SolanaSolana means ‘sunshine’.

It means the one who starts the ‘rebellion’. Your confident little warrior princess who sets her personal guidelines. It additionally has a reference to Mother Mary.

Keemena is a variation for the one ‘having great power’. Kim would be an apt nickname for her.KesaraKesara means ‘youthful’. Besides having beautiful meaning, the name itself sounds sweet and poetic.LanLan is the ‘bringer of peace’, the one who offers ‘hope’. Lani or Lanna are beautiful variations for little Lan.LeticiaLeticia is a candy variation of traditional Letitia; it means ‘full of pleasure and happiness’. Perfect name on your bundle of pleasure.LiaThe name Lia has Greek roots.

An apt name for your royal and noble princess who will rule the world one day.RiaRia is similar to Rio. The name has a unique rhythm to it and means ‘small river’.RitaRita is short for Margarita and means ‘pear’ in Spanish. In Italian tradition Rita means ‘pearl’, either means, it’s a pretty name for your princess.RocioRocio is one other unique name that prevalent in Hispanic tradition. It means ‘dewdrops’ and is sometimes called the Virgin Mary.SalvadoraSalvadora is a traditional name meaning the ‘saviour’. Sallie or Sally would make a cute nickname in your little saviour.SanchaSancha means ‘holy’ a pious name on your mija.

It is a well-liked name throughout cultures.OraOra means ‘gold’. A treasured name on your treasure.OsanaOsana sounds beautiful, just like Oceana. A charming and delicate name on your little girl. Name her Osane should you choose a poetic twist.PalomaPaloma is another mexican woman for marriage distinctive name in your ‘peace-loving’ baby; it means ‘dove’. A lovey-dovey name on your princess. Palita, Palometa, Palomina are a few of the variations for the same name.PatriciaPatricia has Latin origins.

The Spanish name means ‘little’ or ‘tiny’. Pabla additionally pronounced as Paula could be a perfect nickname in your little one. The ita added makes it completely Mexican.PiaPia is a short and cute name with a hoop to it.

The name means’ noble one’ or ‘dedicated to God’. It is the feminine model for Patrick.PaulitaPaulita comes from Pauline.

It means ‘grace’.NevaYour princess as white as ‘snow’? Call her Neva or Neiva, Nevita, Nevea, Nivea or Neivi. Same which means – many variations.NinetteNinette means ‘girl’. Nina will make a cute nickname for her your little Ninette.NoemiNoemi is a charming spin of Naomi. The name with Latin origin means ‘nice’. You can personalise it additional and name her Neomi.OlinaOlina is a unique name in your baby girl.